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Eternal Hoptimist Podcast Musings

Podcasts were always this mysterious world to me. For years, I wrote things down in agendas and notebooks like “DOWNLOAD PODCASTS” or “GET INTO PODCASTS.” I’ve scoured “BEST PODCAST LISTS” in magazines and jotted down ones that sounded incredible. When friends and colleagues have raved about their fave pods, I noted those too. But I just never took the plunge. 

A collage featuring various images of gifts from the article including earrings, soap, cupcakes and more

Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

We're always on the hunt for the most unique beer gifts for friends and family.  But what do beer lovers really want? Think beyond glassware and bottle openers with this top ten roundup of our favourite out of the box gifts for beer lovers this holiday season! 


Meet the Artist: Dani Ellis

Our newest brew is hitting shelves by the end of October which means a funky new label and we were thrilled to work with Dani Ellis on this one. Dani is a frontline worker at Ross Memorial Hospital and lives in Port Perry Ontario who is reclaiming her love of art this year. We loved the cheerful artwork that Dani put together for the label, and thought we'd find out a bit more about her and her art. Read on for our Q&A.

A screenshot of the inclusivity committee meeting over Zoom. Fifteen women are featured in little squares smiling at the camera.

Inclusivity Meeting #2

After a few months away, we recently reconvened our fantastic Inclusivity Committee to share some updates on our progress, and brainstorm ideas for our soon to come brick and mortar headquarters, and our return to in person events. Thanks so much to all of our committee members who participated, we value your support and input greatly. We are excited about so many of the ideas raised and will look at implementing the various suggestions as we continue on our journey to be the most inclusive organization we can be.


Introducing the Eternal Hoptimist Podcast

Over the last seven years, SO many amazing women have come into our orbit through events, working with breweries, partnering with artisans, entrepreneurs and more. Erica and Jaime have always wanted to get to know them a little better and hear their stories, but small biz life doesn’t often leave time for leisurely chats.  So, we launched the Eternal Hoptimist Podcast! Need a little more convincing before tuning in? Here are a few can’t miss moments from the first two episodes. 


Women Brewer Spotlight - Catherine St.John

Hope you’re as excited as I am for another exciting rendition of WOMEN BREWER SPOTLIGHT! In today’s riveting piece, I check in with Catherine St.John (She/Her) - brewer extraordinaire at Common Good Brewery in Scarborough.