Hit me with the SOBDL Who/What/Why/Where/When!

The SOBDL is a community of women who are passionate about all things craft beer. It is Toronto-based & founded in late 2014 by Renee Navarro, Erica Campbell, Jen Reinhardt, Jaime Dobbs & Magenta Suzanne. The first event, Bevy 0001, was launched in Toronto in January 2014. In 2018, the SOBDL began throwing events in Hamilton and Ottawa. The SOBDL is currently owned and operated by Erica Campbell & Jaime Dobbs.

For the first 3 years, we had a BEVY each month on the last Friday of every month. We have since evolved into alternating BEVIES and FESTIVALS with constantly changing venues. With bevies, we keep the location secret until 48 hours before and typically partner with 1 or 2 breweries. With festivals, they are much larger and the breweries pop up and pour.  We tell you up front where it will be due to its size. Men are allowed after midnight whenever our events run that late. Although there are many differences between bevies and fests, from both you can expect: amazing and unique beers, amazing cider, lots of tasty food, an Artisan Woman’s Makers Market, our swag shop booth, a rockin’ good time with incredible ladies, a portion of ticket sales going directly to the Canadian Women’s Foundation and a Morning After gift bag on your way out.

It is a fun party and a great way to chill out and meet new people. There are no nametags, no icebreaker games and we despise the word ‘networking.’ Bring a bunch of friends or come solo, we don’t bite and are a welcoming crew. The energy in the room is really fantastic.

What else does the SOBDL do besides throwing dope bevies & festivals?

We thought you’d never ask! We throw intimate (and very tasty!) beer dinners 3-4 times a year, we brew collaboation beers across Ontario at our favourite breweries, pop our swag shop up & info booth at other beer festivals, and lead beer education/tasting workshop experiences! E-mail erica@ladiesdrinkbeer.com to learn more about private beer workshops.

Does the SOBDL have a Charitable Component?

Since the beginning, we wanted to partner with a national women’s organization that does great work for women and girls across the country. The Canadian Women’s Foundation seemed like a logical choice and we have proudly supported them ever since. 10% of event profits go directly to the CWF, as well as 100% of the change and bills you toss into the donation buckets and tip jars spread out around the room. Since the beginning, we have raised over $45,000 for the CWF. As we like to say, “we’re drinkin’ for a cause!”

How do I become a volunBEER?

Volunbeering is cool! You simply ‘work’ a couple hours (lots of positions to choose from) and in exchange you get a ticket to attend the event. It is a great way to meet new people, be a part of the action and save $ not having to buy a ticket! Right before tickets go on sale to one of our events, we do a shoutout on our social media channels for volunbeers. Fill out an application and we will get back to you shortly.

Do I need to become a ‘Society Member’ to take part in the SOBDL?

Nope! There is no official society to join or yearly membership to pay for. All you have to do is join our Mailing List (do it! It takes 30 seconds) and follow us on social media to be a part of our SOBDL Lady Beer Squad.

Define what you mean by “Ladies Only?”

Since we started, we have always prided ourselves on creating welcoming, inclusive and safe spaces for woman-identified folks. We are trans, queer and non-binary friendly. Attendees vary widely in age, ethnicity and identity. That being said, we love our dude supporters! If we have an evening event, men are allowed to attend after midnight by donation to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. They can also support us through coming out to our quarterly beer dinners, drink the collaboration beers we brew across the province, grab our swag and follow our adventures @ladiesdrinkbeer.

Where are your Events held?

The venues are constantly changing, we don’t have a set event space. We have wheelchair accessible venues where possible and easy-to-get-to venues.

How many people typically come out to your events?

When Bevy0001 sold out in a couple days, we knew we were on to something! Since then, our bevies have ballooned from 90 to about 400. To meet the demand, we also throw larger Lady Beer Festivals twice a year. This gets about 1000 beer drinking loving woman! For our small beer dinners, we sell out around 30-40 people.

Are non-beer options offered at your events?

We do! There is always at least one Ontario craft cider option available at our events. We also carry a non-alcoholic option (kombucha, ginger beer, etc)., for our preggers pals, those DD’ing (yay to not drinking & driving!) and people taking a break from the booze.

Tickets online are sold out? Will there be tickets at the door?

Sorry, nope. Your best bet for snagging last minute tickets is to check out our Facebook page, the Facebook Event Page or our Twitter. Please use caution when buying 3rd party tickets! We are not responsible for fraudulent tickets.

How do I find out about important details about an upcoming event I bought a ticket for?

1-2 days before an event, we will flip an e-mail to all ticket holders giving them all the things they need to know to have a rockin’ good time! Be sure to check your junk mail and email info@ladiesdrinkbeer.com if you didn’t receive the email.

Where can I find the photos of me taken at the Bevy?

We share our albums post-event on the scrapbook page of our website. Watch our social media channels @ladiesdrinkbeer to find the link and get updates on when an album is ready. By entering the SOBDL event space, you consent to your voice, name and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in photos and videos for use in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, for all time, and you release SOCIETY OF BEER DRINKING LADIES and its partners, agencies from any liability whatsoever of any nature.

Where can I buy SOBDL’s super cool SOBDL swag?

Our branded merch is available at every event that we run and our fabulous merch shop volunbeers will be happy to help you out! Cash and credit are available. You can also grab merch when you buy your ticket online through Eventbrite and we can have it ready for you to pick up at the event. OR, sip on your favourite beer from the comfort of your couch and Shop Online! We also pop up our swag shop up at some of the great festivals around the city. Follow us on social media to find out the latest.

Can I use debit or credit the night of the Bevy?

No to debit, yes to credit! Our SOBDL Swag Shop & Beer/Cider booths accept cash & credit.  As we are always switching up our event venues, sometimes ATM’s are available and sometimes not. And although not guaranteed, many of our food vendors and Artisan Market vendors accept credit cards too.

Is it weird if I come out by myself?

Not at ALL. We get this question a lot. Honestly, we kinda sorta made the SOBDL to meet new people and make new friends. It can be hard to do that sometimes, ya know? We strive to make our events, safe, relaxed and supportive. We have met countless ladies who have said over the 5+ years they attended solo because they were new to Toronto, had just gone through a break-up, had no other beer-drinking lady friends, etc. And now they have lots of SOBDL buds and are regular attendees. We love that!

What’s the food situation at your events?

We focus on woman-owned local food businesses to partner with us on our events! There will always be vegetarian and vegan options available.

What is a “Morning After Gift Bag?”

When you are heading out for our bevies and festivals, make sure to snag a Morning After bag from the volunbeers at the welcome booth. These are always changing and always filled with awesome things like coupons, gift cards, snacks and beer! If your  business would like to include an item, gift card, coupon, info card., etc in our bags, connect with us at info@ladiesdrinkbeer.com.

I can no longer attend, can I use my ticket at the next event?

Sorry, nope. Bevy tickets are non-refundable and only valid for the bevy you bought them for. But, they are transferable to other beer-lovin’ ladies! To sell your ticket, make sure to post it on our Facebook & Twitter pages! You’ll likely get some bites.

What should I wear to an SOBDL event?

Casual, dressy, pajamas, formal…it totally doesn’t matter! Sometimes Jaime wears jeans,  Erica wears yoga pants and Michelle wears a dress. You do you.

I would love to start a chapter! Will you be expanding to other cities?

We are regularly popped up in Toronto, and have chapters in Ottawa and Hamilton! That’s it for now, but if you want to reach out, maybe your city could be next.

How do I set up an interview with SOBDL?

Sounds great! Connect with us by e-mailing media@ladiesdrinkbeer.com

I want to talk partnerships / sponsorships with SOBDL! How do I do that?

Sounds great! Connect with us by e-mailing Erica at sponsor@ladiesdrinkbeer.com

How do I reach out directly to the organizers?

Head to our Contact Us page to find the contact info for our founders and coordinators.