Our Inclusivity Committee began out of an Anti-Racism Action Plan that we as a staff of the SOBDL created in summer 2021. We ultimately created this plan in response to the Black Lives Matter global movement that was sparked due to the police killing of George Floyd. It was a good wake up call for us to identify that there is always more work to be done within our organization to address racism in not only the explicit but also the implicit ways. The plan outlined multiple action points we will work on as an organization to continue to strive to be leaders in the craft beer industry for all things inclusion. 

We have since expanded the action plan to also address other inclusion pillars such as LGBTQ+, disability, etc. We always want to be open-minded and put policies and procedures in place that will make folks feel included and welcome. As with any work of this magnitude, change can be slow but we’re committed to learning, growing and implementing. We want to make sure we don’t simply TALK, but DO! We want to set a good example for the craft beer industry at large that this work is important, necessary and needed.

The committee was formed from both Erica reaching out to certain folks and others applying during the call we put out on social media and in our newsletter. We were thrilled at the number of amazing applications and in the end narrowed it down to 12 amazing folks. 

Our plan is to have quarterly meetings with the committee to listen, learn and engage in lively and productive conversations. Shortly after a meeting occurs, we will post the meeting minutes on our SOBDL blog (and this page!) for full transparency of what was discussed and so other breweries or interested peeps can check it out and hopefully use some of the resources and info discusssed. In between meetings, the SOBDL staff spearheading this initiative (aka Drea, Jess and Erica) will be putting recommendations into action.

Let’s grow! Onwards,

Our Committee Members

SOBDL Staff Involved

Erica Campbell

She / Her

Back in 2013, Erica had the brilliant idea (in the shower of course) to create a secret society of beer loving ladies in Toronto. Having just joined the beer world she chatted up some like minded women and the rest, as they say, is history!

Jaime Dobbs

Jaime’s background in graphic design, party planning and beer infused cupcake creation has prepared her for favourite job yet - running the SOBDL! After joining the craft beer industry working in events and sales, she teamed up with Erica to launch the very first Bevy in 2014.

Shannon Devine

Shannon illustrated her commitment to SOBDL early on by trekking in from Mississauga to volunteer! Soon, she found her passion in the Swag Shop and in 2017 came on board to manage it, overseeing orders, pop-ups and the bevy booth.

Amber Smith

Amber is a craft beer writer and marketer who curates a list of people, places and things that are inspiring her and the SOBDL. Recipes, new breweries to check out, podcasts we’re loving, must-try beers, stories of women generally doing awesome things.

Michelle Hempstock

Michelle has been enjoying all things SOBDL since August 2015. In Jan 2018, Michelle was brought on board to manage all things social media for SOBDL. From her wicked technological skills to her charming personality, Michelle has been hyping up Society in a major way.

Jessica Shadlock

She / Her

Jessica was an enthusiastic attendee of SOBDL's events before joining the team in 2017 as Social Media Coordinator. Armed with a strong pun game and an arsenal of emojis, Jess and her social partner-in-crime Michelle are poised to help SOBDL take over the interwebs - and then the world!

Nancy Kim

Nancy Kim is a Toronto based lifestyle and fashion photographer who goes by the moniker NSBKIM (an acronym of her full name including her Korean name). With a keen eye for capturing just the right moment, she strives to bring out the best possible energy in her subjects.

Andrea Oswald

She / Her

Since joining the SOBDL team, Drea has assisted with creating the framework for our Inclusivity Committee. Drea works in health care and as Program Lead for "The Dandelion Initiative" and sits on the board of directors at "Rise up!" - a digital archive of feminist activism in Canada from the '70s to '90s.

Shelby Guthrie

Shelby began as an SOBDL volunbeer a couple years ago as she was looking to be a part of a female community. She is a self-proclaimed crazy beer enthusiast and the girl behind the beer-focused Instagram account @herhoppylife. She is now working full-time at Blood Brothers brewing in Toronto and works with the SOBDL team at pop-up swag shops and prepping the Beer Squad Mystery Boxes.

Leah Kitagawa

Leah is a Toronto-based freelance copywriter who has spent six years developing content for thriving boutique marketing firms. As an avid beer enthusiast and bar manager at C’est What, she joins the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies to combine her passion for writing and love of geeky beer facts as a contributor to Society Broadviews.

Committee Meeting Notes - Click on the Image Below to Read the Notes!

A screenshot of the inclusivity committee meeting over Zoom. Fifteen women are featured in little squares smiling at the camera.

Inclusivity Committee Meeting #2

Location: Zoom

After a few months away, we recently reconvened our fantastic Inclusivity Committee to share some updates on our progress, and brainstorm ideas for our soon to come brick and mortar headquarters, and our return to in person events. Thanks so much to all of our committee members who participated, we value your support and input greatly. We are excited about so many of the ideas raised and will look at implementing the various suggestions as we continue on our journey to be the most inclusive organization we can be.
A screenshot of the inclusivity committee meeting over Zoom. Fifteen women are featured in little squares smiling at the camera.

Inclusivity Committee Meeting #1

Date: March 8 2021

Location: Zoom

A few months ago, we put out a call for our brand new Inclusivity Committee, looking for input from folks in our community and outside of it to share their perspectives. We had a fantastic response, and brought on twelve incredible people. our first meeting took place March 8th and we're pleased to share a summary of what we discussed.