We Brew Monthly Collab Beers

Each month, we pop into a different brewery and brew a unique small batch beer! Ranging from a couple hundred litre batches all the way up to 100 hectolitre batches, we always have a ton of fun scheming up recipes with the brew team, co-designing beer labels with the marketing team and showing up on brew day to help make our beer dreams a reality. Make sure to follow us on social @ladiesdrinkbeer to get an up-to-date glimpse of what’s available. Typically, each brew is available for sale by the pint in the brewery tap room, and to-go in cans, growlers or bottles at the brewery’s bottle shop.

Are you a brewery interested in collaborating with us? Drop us a line to discuss.

Ready For Drinking Now

Fraison d'Être

Style: Belgian Table Beer

Brewery: Northern Maverick Brewing Co.

ABV / IBU: 3.5%

Inspired by strawberry lemonade. Fresh picked strawberry on the nose, with hints of lemon zest and black pepper. A touch of strawberry on the palate, and a mild lemon citrus acidity. Low ABV and low IBUs give a very dry, clean, crisp finish.

Riot Queen

Style: Berliner Wiesse

Brewery: Rainhard Brewing Co.

ABV / IBU: 3% . 3 IBU

A tart and refreshing German Berliner Weisse- jazzed up with two fruit additions: black currant and peach ginger.

Black Currant: This version of our Berliner Weisse is almost kombucha-like in its tartness and funk. Pours a beautiful deep pink hue due to a hint of hibiscus. Drinks like a funky glass of Crystal Lite.

Peach Ginger: This version of our Berliner Weisse is also kombucha-like but with big peach flavour, that lovely spice of fresh ginger, and a hint of off-brand really tasty freezies from the 90’s (you know what I’m talking about, the kind Grandma had in the freezer all year round).

Both clock in at 3%, so you can drink this with breakfast or pretend it’s a probiotic!

If You Hear Any Noise

Style: Black Forest Sour Ale

Brewery: Left Field Brewery

ABV / IBU: 5% . 3 IBU

This brew is boppin! If You Hear Any Noise Black Forest Cake Sour is a robust, smooth and tasty treat balanced by a sour zip. Brewed in collaboration with Left Field Brewery, this 5.0% sour ale is a delightful swirl of flavours featuring moist chocolate cake, sweet cherry, and the creamy smoothness of lactose and vanilla. Even better? 50 cents from the sale of each can supports the Canadian Women’s Foundation!

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