We Brew Monthly Collab Beers

Each month, we pop into a different brewery and brew a unique small batch beer! Ranging from a couple hundred litre batches all the way up to 100 hectolitre batches, we always have a ton of fun scheming up recipes with the brew team, co-designing beer labels with the marketing team and showing up on brew day to help make our beer dreams a reality. Make sure to follow us on social @ladiesdrinkbeer to get an up-to-date glimpse of what’s available. Typically, each brew is available for sale by the pint in the brewery tap room, and to-go in cans, growlers or bottles at the brewery’s bottle shop.

Are you a brewery interested in collaborating with us? Drop us a line to discuss.

Ready For Drinking Now

Spruced Up. Now What?

Style: IPA with spruce tips

Brewery: Kensington Brewery

ABV / IBU: 7%

Pours sparkly red with an aroma familiar of a classic west coast ipa -- citrus, herbal, piney, and an underlying complexity which is the Spruce. The Spruce tips become prominent mid-sip, and carry over into the finish. This is complimented by some caramel malt sweetness almost reminiscent of sticky sap, where the Spruce shines and evokes thoughts of an awakening spring forest. Full-bodied, complex, but not overpowering. Very drinkable.  

Hibiscus Pale Ale

Style: Pale Ale w/ Hibiscus & Orange

Brewery: Henderson Brewery

ABV / IBU: 5.5% / 35

Tart and fruity with notes of vanilla and berries and a tasty malt middle, this sipper will put you in the mood for Spring and sunshine! Available at Henderson Brewery, the LCBO and for online delivery right to your door.

Appearance: Orangey pink with a slight haze, thin white head

Aroma: Hibiscus flowers and pithy orange up front with a sweet biscuit malt base supporting, some notes of vanilla and coconut mixed with fruity esters

Taste: Tart and fruity hibiscus to start, a smooth and toasty malt middle with a pithy citrus bitterness to end, notes of vanilla and berries round out the flavour

Mouthfeel: Tart with a tingly carbonation, round maltiness with a lingering dry bitterness

Overall impression: A tart and fruity pale ale with a toasty malt backbone supporting the floral and citrus highlights

Bon Vivant

Style: Horchata Brown Ale

Brewery: People's Pint

ABV / IBU: 5.5%

Taking inspiration from Horchata, the Mexican rice milk drink traditionally flavoured with cinnamon, vanilla & sometimes chocolate, this is a mild brown ale with aromas of milk chocolate and cinnamon that give way to a silky texture and flavours of fresh vanilla cream, cinnamon and a hint of cola nut. Get this and many other great beers at the brewery at 90 Cawthra unit 101 in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood or order online at People's Pint Brewery.

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