We Brew Monthly Collab Beers

Each month, we pop into a different brewery and brew a unique small batch beer! Ranging from a couple hundred litre batches all the way up to 100 hectolitre batches, we always have a ton of fun scheming up recipes with the brew team, co-designing beer labels with the marketing team and showing up on brew day to help make our beer dreams a reality. Make sure to follow us on social @ladiesdrinkbeer to get an up-to-date glimpse of what’s available. Typically, each brew is available for sale by the pint in the brewery tap room, and to-go in cans, growlers or bottles at the brewery’s bottle shop.

Are you a brewery interested in collaborating with us? Drop us a line to discuss.

Ready For Drinking Now

Raspberry Lemon Ale

Style: Table Beer

Brewery: Henderson Brewery

ABV / IBU: 4.5% / 25

Appearance: Deep pink, cloudy with a pink tinged head. Aroma:  Bright raspberry, citrus, herbal, peppery yeast, white grapes, apples. Taste: Tart raspberry, crackery malt, apples, citrus, herbal hops, mixed berries. Mouthfeel:  Light bodied with a lively carbonation and tart finish. Overall: A big, tart glass of raspberry with notes of citrus and herbs

Dry-Hopped Tropical Cider

Style: Dry Hopped Cider

Brewery: Niagara Cider Company

ABV / IBU: 6%

We've been brewing collaboration beers for years and are thrilled to begin this next chapter of partnering with the good dudes at Niagara Cider Co to launch a series of seasonal ciders! Our ciders bring in elements of the beer world and are meant to be enjoyed by both cider and beer drinkers alike.  Our first release is a dry-hopped tropical cider where we've added Citra and Galaxy hops to create bright pine hop aromatics and loads of tropical fruits for a tangy sweet mouthfeel. A zippy and dry backbone with sweet tropical fruit notes. Highly satisfying...highly crushable.  Find it at the LCBO

Ginger Snap Golden Ale

Style: Spiced Golden Ale

Brewery: Spearhead Brewing

ABV / IBU: 4.7%

 Our latest release is an easy drinking golden ale with savoury and spice notes to basically create a liquid Ginger Snap cookie! Perfectly balanced for Autumn. Enjoy for a limited time. Find at your local LCBO.

Gingerbread Porter

Style: Gingerbread Porter

Brewery: Spearhead Brewery

ABV / IBU: 4.7%

We released this Gingerbread Porter to the LCBO in a holiday pack with our Peppermint Stout and our SOBDL branded mason jar glass. Enjoy for a limited time. Find it at LCBO.

Peppermint Stout

Style: Chocolate Peppermint Stout

Brewery: Spearhead Brewery

ABV / IBU: 5.5%

We released this Chocolate Peppermint Stout to the LCBO in a holiday pack with our Gingerbread Porter and our SOBDL branded mason jar glass. Enjoy for a limited time. Find it at LCBO.

Valiant IPA

Style: Vermont IPA

Brewery: Granite Brewery

This juicy Vermont IPA was brewed in collaboration with the Granite Brewery for International Women's Day. It's named after the Valiant Five, who were Canadian suffragists who advocated for women and children in the 1920's. One dollar from every pint sold will be donated to Sistering.

Available in 473ml cans at the Granite Bottle Shop, their online store and the 4th & 7 Bottle Shop.

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