We Brew Monthly Collab Beers

Each month, we pop into a different brewery and brew a unique small batch beer! Ranging from a couple hundred litre batches all the way up to 100 hectolitre batches, we always have a ton of fun scheming up recipes with the brew team, co-designing beer labels with the marketing team and showing up on brew day to help make our beer dreams a reality. Make sure to follow us on social @ladiesdrinkbeer to get an up-to-date glimpse of what’s available. Typically, each brew is available for sale by the pint in the brewery tap room, and to-go in cans, growlers or bottles at the brewery’s bottle shop.

Are you a brewery interested in collaborating with us? Drop us a line to discuss.

Ready For Drinking Now

Raspberry Lemon Ale

Style: Table Beer

Brewery: Henderson Brewery

ABV / IBU: 4.5% / 25

Appearance: Deep pink, cloudy with a pink tinged headAroma:  Bright raspberry, citrus, herbal, peppery yeast, white grapes, applesTaste:  Tart raspberry, crackery malt, apples, citrus, herbal hops, mixed berriesMouthfeel:  Light bodied with a lively carbonation and tart finish
Overall: A big, tart glass of raspberry with notes of citrus and herbs

Dry-Hopped Tropical Cider

Style: Dry Hopped Cider

Brewery: Niagara Cider Company

ABV / IBU: 6%

We've been brewing collaboration beers for years and are thrilled to begin this next chapter of partnering with the good dudes at Niagara Cider Co to launch a series of seasonal ciders! Our ciders bring in elements of the beer world and are meant to be enjoyed by both cider and beer drinkers alike.  Our first release is a dry-hopped tropical cider where we've added Citra and Galaxy hops to create bright pine hop aromatics and loads of tropical fruits for a tangy sweet mouthfeel. A zippy and dry backbone with sweet tropical fruit notes. Highly satisfying...highly crushable.  Find it at the LCBO

Ginger Snap Golden Ale

Style: Spiced Golden Ale

Brewery: Spearhead Brewing

ABV / IBU: 4.7%

 Our latest release is an easy drinking golden ale with savoury and spice notes to basically create a liquid Ginger Snap cookie! Perfectly balanced for Autumn. Enjoy for a limited time. Find at your local LCBO.

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