A Community of Women Who Love Beer

The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies began by 5 women in early 2014, determined to shake up the male-dominated beer industry by hosting secret ‘bevy’ events for women to hang out and enjoy beer. Fast forward to present day, the SOBDL is now owned and operated by 2 of the original co-founders – Erica Campbell and Jaime Dobbs – and is the largest women & beer organization in North America. We have seasonal beer and cider at the LCBO, frequent small batch collab brews, our Mystery Box program, a full merch line at shop.ladiesdrinkbeer.com a monthly beer club membership! And finally a physical location, Society Clubhouse, at 967 College St. in Toronto.

Women Supporting
A Foundation for Women

Since we began in early 2014, we’ve been drinkin’ for a cause. We partnered with the Canadian Women Foundation because of their national reach and progressive values. We have raised more than $50,000 over the years, with funds going to excellent programming from coast-to-coast to support that elevate and support women.

A Safe Community
For Women

Inclusive & safe. We’re committed to fostering a place where racism, homophobia & discrimination are not tolerated and our differences are celebrated. A place where you can be yourself. A helluva good time. A place to come solo and meet new pals OR a place to bring your pals. A place where there is NEVER a dress code. Charitable: we’re drinking for a cause! (the Canadian Women’ Foundation, that is.) A place where the music is bumpin’. Full of really, really good vibes. A place to chill on the floor or dance up a storm. Full of just the best damn energy.

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