Written by Erica Campbell

Well, I’m about off to sail off to Babyland for a while (don’t worry, I’ll be around MUAH-HA-HA). After 8 years or so hustlin’ in the beer industry, this is kind of my first real break. Which is kind of comical (yes I give you permission to roll your eyes at me!) because caring for a newborn is definitely NOT a break. But I’m taking mat leave from Henderson Brewery which has kiiiiinda come at a perfect time as beer sales are very bizarre right now, ya know, being in a global pandemic and all. Here at the Society, I co-own it and if you run your own business you know it doesn’t really stop. But that’s OK, I know I will crave work and entrepreneur brain time amidst 24 hour baby life.

One thing that being preggers forces you to do, is to halt the drinking. I feel like prior to preggos life, I might’ve been drinking too often and wanted to take a pause from it. But it’s easier said than done when you work at a craft brewery and run The Society of BEER Drinking Ladies. Beer is plentiful and always around you. Meetings take place at beer bars and revolve around beer. We’re sent a lot of beer from breweries to try and post on our social channels (rough life, I know). Work socials happen at bars or in our tap room. New beers just HAVE to be tried. Sales involves building relationships at establishments aka drinking BEER at said establishments. Weekends are often full of festivals and event work; pouring beer and drinking said beer. It can be hard at times to strike a healthy balance. So it was nice to go ‘cold turkey’ and just stop. 

These final couple months in my third trimester, I HAVE been sipping on beers here and there. When you’re pregnant, there’s so much info swirling around you of what you can and cannot do, that you have to ingest all the info and then make an informed choice that is both safe and right for you.  So I have a couple ounces every couple days and typically keep it under 5%. In fact, more like under 4%…I’ve been able to find some excellent very low ABV brews that have a ton of flavour and body. A tiny bit of booze but a whole lot of flavour! It’s hard to say why low alcohol beers have become quite prominent in the craft beer scene: perhaps the rise of cannabis? (People don’t want to be too intoxicated, they want something light to compliment their high.) Perhaps people are working more than ever and want lighter beers to not have to deal with the dreaded next day hangover. Or perhaps it’s just the latest beer trend that will be gone in a year. Regardless, here are my 3.3% (ish) faves that I’ve enjoyed sipping on. They’re all from breweries actually in my East End Toronto neighbourhood and I hope they are here to stay! They all have walk-in bottle shops, local free home delivery and shipping options, so try them out!

In no particular order:

Godspeed Brewery

Světlé Výčepní Pivo 8° Unfiltered Czech Pale Lager 3.0%
Coles (Tasting) Notes: Crisp, white bread, refreshing, grassy, sweet cereal. 

Left Field Brewery

Gigante ‘Micro IPA’ 3.3%
Coles (Tasting) Notes: smooth, creamy (oats!), papaya, mango, orange.

Eastbound Brewery

Inexplicable Grisette 3.2%
Coles (Tasting) Notes: dry, sparkling, lemon balm, white pepper, tart/sweet balance, zippy, refreshing.