Hi SOBDL gal pals,

Hope everyone is staying safe indoors, staying physically distant (but socially connected!) and doing their best to keep their spirits up in these strange and unprecedented times. Sidenote, hands up if you’ve never said unprecedented more in your entire life! 🙋🙋🙋

We also hope everyone is being gentle on themselves and remember, it’s ok not to feel ok right now. In these unprecedented times, it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, under or over stimulated, anxious, unproductive or any of the things you’re currently feeling. We’ll include links to some of our favorite free and low-cost mental health services at the end of this blog post. 

Given that the ways we’re able to connect and come together as a community are currently a little different than we’re used to, over the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you content to help us stay connected to each other and and the rest of the Ontario craft beer community virtually.

All of this is a long way of saying that we want to highlight the great work The Bar Towel is doing to help make it easy for people to continue supporting their favorite local breweries, if they have the means to. Because right now supporting your local brewery is easier than ever as so many of them are offering home delivery and shipping across Ontario!  

Check out the Ontario Beer Delivery Index put together by Cass at The Bar Towel, for all the details.

We also wanted to shout out a few of the breweries we collaborated with last year who are offering home delivery in the GTA! Check their sites for specific info as it’s all subject to change in these, say it with me, unprecedented times.

Henderson Brewing are offering free same-day or next-day home delivery on any order of $50 or more to everyone from Sherway Gardens over to Victoria Park, and from Eglinton on down to the Lake.

Granite Brewery are offering free shipping on orders over $50 to postal codes starting with M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8 and free shipping on orders over $100 to postal codes starting with M1, M9, L3 and L4.

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. are offering next day delivery to many GTA postal codes for $4.99 on orders over $75.

Our pals at Left Field Brewery are offering free next day Toronto delivery to most postal codes and $10 flat shipping across Ontario for orders over $50!

People’s Pint Brewing Company are offering Free Toronto delivery on Tuesdays and Friday’s for orders over $50! Order by 11:30am the day before.

Wherever you’re getting your beer from we hope you’re #drinkinglocal!

Peace, love and toilet paper,


Mental Health Resources

Hard Feelings



Anxiety Canada



Big White Wall

Distress Centres of Greater Toronto

Crisis Services Canada

Gerstein Crisis Centre

Image Credit: Dave Murray