Welcome to the second edition of the Society Scoop round up! In case you missed our first blog post let me give you the rundown of what you can expect. 

I’m Amber, one of the volunbeers here at SOBDL, and twice a month I’ll be curating a list of people, places and things that are inspiring us right now. New beers we’re loving, podcasts we can’t pause, compelling content and stories of women generally doing awesome things––you get the picture. 

So, who’s ready to jump into round two?!

This week I couldn’t pick just one favorite beer to recommend so I’ve taken the liberty of picking two. Every month SOBDL team up with a local brewery to brew a new collaboration beer. This month we have two and damn are they goodies! 

First, we teamed up with Left Field Brewery to bring you “If You Hear Any Noise” a Black Forest Cake Sour! We also collaborated with Henderson Brewing to bring you a Vanilla Orchid Brown Ale made with tea which will be available in an LCBO near you soon so keep your eyes peeled!

If you follow Lululemon on Instagram you might be familiar with a content series they recently produced called #BoobTruths. Every Tuesday this summer the brand released interviews with women talking about their boobs and their relationship to them and we’re living for it. This IGTV series features seven interviews with women who talk candidly about their boobs. From nipple hairs to mastectomies there are lots of interesting and relatable perspectives covered.

If you haven’t heard of New York Magazine’s The Cut, allow me to introduce you. This online magazine tackles stories about women’s lives head-on, with generous wit, unflinching honesty and undeniable power and is, generally, a great source if you’re looking for female-centric stories.

We’ve been loving a special series they’re currently running on ambition — how we define it, harness it, and conquer it. As part of the theme, they’re interviewing successful women about what makes them so good at what they do and it’s pretty damn empowering. Read all the articles.

As our last piece of weekly round up goodness, we invite you to delve into the work of local artist, Jess Chen. The Toronto-based artist has made a name for herself pushing the possibilities of tattooing with her artistic take on shapes, lines and colors, and making her subjects’ bodies as much a part of the tattoo as the tattoo itself.

Bevy Friends Forever
In coming issues, we’d love to feature women who met a new BBF (Bevy Friends Forever) at one of our events. Have a tale of a friendship that blossomed over a pale ale? Drop us a line!

And that’s all for now pals. Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the interwebz. And, don’t forget, this blog is for YOU so don’t be shy–let us know what you think!