Happy Canada Day!

Like all events in 2020 Canada Day will look a little different this year–hello virtual fireworks! But while this year’s celebration might not be as big and busy as previous years, that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a good socially distanced backyard BBQ and good beers (with a small group of friends).

We also think it’s important to acknowledge that while we love our country, Canada Day is a bittersweet celebration because of the historical (and ongoing) displacement and oppressive treatment of our indigenous peoples. There are many ways we can all personally contribute to reconciliation. Why not include some reading and learning about Indigenous history, or support of a local organization as part of your celebration this year?

However you’re choosing to celebrate, if it happens to include a perfectly patriotic pint, we’ve got you, eh!

Whiprsnapr Brewing Co
Inukshuk Canadian IPA

For anyone unfamiliar, the Inukshuk (pronounced ih-nook-suuk) is an important Canadian symbol. You might even remember that an Inukshuk was featured in the logo for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games! Traditionally Inukshuk were used by the Inuit in the north as directional markers. They were visible in snowy conditions, can endure extreme weather and, ultimately, can help people survive. 

This special release of Whiprsnapr Brewing Co’s Inukshuk Canadian IPA is perfect for Canada Day. Made using all Ontario Farm Hops this is a 100% Canadian ‘Canadian IPA’!

Left Field Brewing
Ice Cold Beer

This 100% Ontario Ale by Left Field Brewing is the perfect beer to fill your Yeti cooler up with. This crisp and refreshing all-natural craft ale made entirely with Ontario ingredients is the perfect backyard BBQ companion. It’s as simple as that.

Dominion City Brewing
Civic Pilsner

This civic holiday calls for a civic beer and I love this one from Dominion City Brewing. They call this Civic Pilsner, “the beer for thinking citizens!”. Another solidly simple crisp, refreshing lager to throw into the cooler. This people-pleaser goes down easy which makes it the perfect beer to bring to a Canada Day celebration.

Wild Card Brewing Company
Cardinal Truth

I can’t say I’ve ever had a lagered red Canadian ale before but Canada Day seems like the perfect day to give it a try! This malt forward, lagered Canadian red ale by Wild Card Brewing Company has notes of bread, caramel and a touch of molasses flavours which sounds like a perfect campfire beer to me!

Bobcaygeon Brewing Company
Northern Lights

So I know Canada isn’t the only place in the world from which the Northern Lights can be seen but Canada is a prime destination for viewing the Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights)—especially between the months of October to March.

Northern Lights by Bobcaygeon Brewing Company is dangerously drinkable. It pours a hazy golden yellow with strong notes of mango, pineapple, and passionfruit. So crack a can and get lost in this natural phenomenon. 

Saulter Street Brewery
Sasquatch Cream Ale

Next up this Sasquatch Cream Ale by Saulter Street Brewery would make for the perfect addition to any Canada Day festivities. Why? Because it’s made with the first-ever patented all Canadian Hop, Sasquatch hops! This beer is lean, crisp and sooo refreshing!

People’s Pint Brewing Co x SOBDL
Tropic Like It’s Hot

Last but not least, our latest collab with People’s Pint Brewing Co makes for the perfect Canada Day beer. A portion of sales from this collab is going to the very important Emergency LIT Fund for LGBTQ+ folks run by Glad Day Bookshop. Because nothing is more Canadian than supporting your community and giving back!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned through COVID it’s that we’re lucky to be Canadian and to live in this great, ever-evolving country. Let’s celebrate the good as we keep pushing for a better tomorrow for everyone in Canada.

However you’re celebrating this year, we hope this list helps you stay well hydrated.