This week, we checked in with Colin Weadick & Dan Boniferro, co-owners at Laylow. This west end micro-brewery has always kept a low profile, like a well-kept secret that all the cool kids are in on. Colin is the head brewer while Dan oversees all non-beer things at Laylow.

Proudly Toronto’s smallest brewery, in the “before times” this candle-lit College St favourite was the perfect spot to slip away for a night with chill hip hop on the stereo, good beer and good service. The space is cozy and intimate, full of tchotchkes, an iconic countertop made from over 10,000 US and Canadian pennies and an amazing word jumble mural wall by Bryan Espiritu, made up entirely of Colin and Dan’s favourite MCs.

As part of our ongoing Brewery Spotlight series we caught up with Colin and Dan to hear about how they’re handling 2020 — the good, the bad and the silver linings.

What does the new normal look like for you right now?

Colin: I have 6-month-old twins, so not really sure what normal means anymore.

Dan: I also have a 3-year-old and a baby on route – Colin and I gave up on normal a long time ago. In all seriousness, we are moving to retail. Clothing line, beer to go and records.

Any silver linings?

We’ve really stepped up our merch game and have lots of exciting new clothing/household ideas coming up—big releases and a ton of collabs.

Any TV/Netflix/streaming recommendations?

Colin – Eric Andre’s Legalize Everything

Dan – BBC Series Line of Duty and I finally crushed The Sopranos during COVID.

What song best represents your current state of mind?

Colin & Dan – We are music heads. This is a loaded question. Will you take a mixtape? LAYLOW releases special guest curated playlists weekly on Spotify. Our account is laylowto!

Biggest “business unusual” challenge?

Colin & Dan – Trying to plan for the future.

Favourite beer you’re currently drinking?

Colin – Avling Pilsner

Dan – Folly College 506 Lager

A beer we all need to try from Laylow?

Colin – Lightworks – Hibiscus Witbier

Dan – Northern Touch Vienna Kviek Lager

Anything else you want to share?

Colin & Dan – Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police and WEAR A FUCKING MASK 😷

Laylow is currently open for beer pick up Mondays & Saturdays with some local delivery options available. Their bottle inventory is updated frequently on their @laylowshop IG account—make sure to follow them for the latest updates!