This week Erica launched a new regular online series with the Ontario beer mag, The Growler. After 7 or so years of working in the craft beer space and growing The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies into North America’s largest womxn/beer community, we definitely have a role to play in advocating for and celebrating womxn employees at breweries. There’s a ways to go with improving the diversity among brewery employees…particularly in brewing and production roles (read: more than white hetero men!). Now let me be clear, this is in NO way an “anti-men” piece. I have had and continue to have many important male role models, mentors, friends and colleagues in the industry. But, it’s an overall observation and reflection of the industry I love. It can seem complicated and non-linear (i.e.- how to attract diverse applicants from applying in the first place?) but it’s totally possible and important to recognize and praise progress along the way.

One such way to get different folks employed at breweries is to feature those who are already employed so they can see themselves reflected in those roles. That could be me! I can see myself doing that job!

Anyway, read the article featuring Taylor Mackenzie, womxn brewer who’s kicking ass at Avling Brewery.

Stay tuned for more Q&A’s in the coming months. Know a womxn, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ brewer/brew house employee? E-mail and we’ll get in touch.