After more than a year of ‘unprecedented times’ we’ve all gotten pretty good at shifting our hangouts and celebrations online.  Zoom birthday parties, virtual weddings, housewarmings over FaceTime, trivia night on Twitch – we’ve done it all.  And now it’s time for our famous Lady Beer Fest to make the jump to the digital space!    With the Eternal Hoptimist Fest on May 14th, we’ve brought our favourite elements from our in person events (Comedy! Burlesque! Tasty craft beers! DJ Dance party!) and shifted it to a Zoom extravaganza.  Everyone is welcome at this party – dudes too!   

Not sure how to bring that beer fest energy to an online event?  Check out our suggestions below for some ideas to bring your beer squad together while staying safe. 

Mini Houseparty  

Who needs the outside world?  A fun Friday night together just might be the perfect way to reconnect with the people you’ve been stuck with for over a year you live with.   Has date night gotten a little stale?  Family game night not what it used to be?  Grab tickets to the fest and try something new!  Hot Tip: Order a Party Box for everyone in your household so you’re not fighting over the snacks. 

Cozy FaceTime 

If you don’t live with your #1 beer buddy, you can still experience the fest together while staying apart. Set your laptops up to watch the festival, and use your phones to hit each other up on FaceTime, Facebook video, or the video chat app of your choice.  You can lean them up against your screen or on a tripod (fancy!) and chat throughout the fest.  Only drawback is not getting to taste each other’s beers. 

Group Video Chat

Is your beer squad a little bigger?   Our festival is running on Zoom, so take advantage of another video chat app to get the gang together, and keep both windows open on your desktop.   Discord and Google Hangouts for example have options for video and written chat.  Multitasking!  The best part?  You don’t have to dress up, or put on pants (unless you want to!) and if you grab our Party Box, you don’t even have to BYOB. 

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Backyard Watch Party

If you live somewhere without a stay at home order in effect, first of all please don’t brag 😉  Second of all, this is a perfect opportunity to throw a socially distanced backyard viewing party! Invite over a pal or two, or get to know your neighbours.  Grab an extension cord, pop your laptop on a side table on the deck and set your lawn chairs six feet apart.  Crack a couple cold ones and enjoy the show! 

However you’re planning to enjoy the fest, we can’t wait to (safely!) party with all of you on May 14th.  If you want to get in on our sweet Party Box, the shipping deadline is April 30th at 5pm.  Post that date, pickup is available in Toronto, or grab a link only ticket and curate your own beer list for the evening. See you on Zoom!