After many years of wanting to do this and many months of scheming, Jaime and I are stoked to announce that we’re launching our own snazzy SOCIETY BEER CLUB MEMBERSHIP!!!!

Join our super fun beer club with 99 other cool cats across the province. Lots of (terrific and small batch) beers, lots of (local, artisan) snacks, lots of beer loving community and lots of SOBDL perks. 

We’ll send you BEER! Super cool beer. Stuff that’s weird and funky and awesome and hard to get from all the nooks & cranny breweries in Ontario. One pick each from SOBDL co-founders Jaime & Erica. And because WE LOVE SNACKS almost as much as we love beer, you’ll also get a delish local artisanal snack to munch on while you’re sipping. 

Let’s spread the SOBDL love across this great province! Become a member from anywhere in Ontario! We’re creating an exclusive Facebook group where all of us members can nerd out about beer, ask burning questions about women entrepreneurship or the beer industry (we’ve worked in it for the last 10 years!) and we’‘ll post interesting beer-related articles for you to peruse. You’ll also be invited to do a virtual 60 minute ‘Hoppy Hour’ at the beginning of each month where we can hang out together in our sweet little beer community.

We can’t wait for YOU to become a Society member. With only 100 exclusive spots available, what are you waiting for?