Photo by Renee Navarro

Ottawa Bevy 0001

We headed to the Nation’s Capital on April 14th 2018 to a packed house at the All Saints Event Space! 11 breweries, 8 Women Artisan vendors and food by CRAFT. We can’t wait to come back! Check out the pics!

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 Photos by Roxanna Nazarowicz


bevy0001BEVY 0001 Jam Factory Co.
Sweetgrass – Blonde Ale (Toronto)
St. Ambroise – Pale Ale (Montreal)
Great Lakes – Harry Porter (Toronto)
Mill Street – Maximus Quadruple, Minimus Dubbel & Betelgeuse (Toronto)
Black Oak Brewery – Triple Chocolate Cherry Stout (Etobicoke)



Screenshot 2014-08-11 01.07.27BEVY 0002 @ Dock Ellis w/ The Sassy Lamb
Black Oak – Nut Brown (Etobicoke)
Great Lakes – Johnny Simcoe & Devil’s Pale Ale (Toronto)
Sawdust City – Bloody Long Dark Journey to Uranus, Raspberry Imperial Stout (Gravenhurst)
Sawdust City – Futhered Muzzy, Belgro-Irish Red Ale (Gravenhurst)



Screenshot 2014-08-11 01.11.09BEVY 0003 @ The Foundery
Mill Street Brewery – Belgian Wit (Toronto)
Sidelaunch – Weissbeer (Collingwood)
Sawdust City – Skinny Dipping Stout (Gravenhurst)
Wellington – Russian Imperial Stout (Guleph)
St. Ambroise – Pale Ale (Montreal)
Collective Arts – Extra Pale Ale (Burlington)



Screenshot 2014-08-11 01.12.35BEVY 0004 @ Jam Factory Co. w/ Hot Bunzz
Sidelaunch – Weissbeer (Collingwood)
Nickelbrook – Continental Drift Pale Ale (Burlington)
Griffin Gastropub – Raspberry Lemon Verbena Session Saison (Bracebridge)
Sawdust City – Red Rocket Stout (Gravenhurst)
Wellington – Russian Imperial Stout (Guelph)
Great Lakes Brewery – Apocalypse Later Imperial Black IPA (Toronto)



Screenshot 2014-08-11 01.14.10BEVUCATION 0004.5 @ Ltd Supply Kitchen Brewery (Toronto)
In this intimate and inaugural “bevucation” a small group of ladies gathered to learn how to brew beer with home brewer Jen Shute and the SOBDL crew. The beer we learned to Brew was Ltd Supply’s Pride & Joy IPA. The list of beer that the ladies sampled was too long to remember, but included more home brew from Ltd Supply such as their “Have Your Carrot Cake & Eat it Too” and a comparison tasting of pilsners made with hard water vs. soft water. The evening was followed up with some delicious pizza and a few taxis to 3030 for just a few more pints.



Screenshot 2014-08-11 01.16.11BEVY 0005 @ The Hole in the Ground w/ The Pie Commission
Left Field – Sunlight Park Saison (Toronto)
Flying Monkeys – Genius of Suburbia APA (Barrie)
Indie Ale House  –  Instigator IPA (Toronto)
Oast House – Barn Raiser Country Ale (Niagara)
Junction Craft Brewery – Achtebahn Bavarian IPA (Toronto)
Cheshire Valley – Sassy Saison
Mill Street Brewery – Belgian Cherry IPA (Toronto)
Amsterdam Brewery  -Framboise (Toronto)



Screenshot 2014-08-11 01.17.43 BEVY0006 @ Norman Felix Gallery w/ Lisa Marie
Nickelbrook – Le Paysan Saison (Burlington)
Muskoka Brewery  – Summerweiss (Bracebridge)
BEER COCKTAILS: The Big Smoke, Raspberry Delight & Tequila Moonrise




Screenshot 2014-09-01 22.20.01BEVY 0007 @ Artscape Youngplace w/ The Saucy Pierogi 
Great Lakes Brewery – Berry Manilow, Raspberry Grisette (Etobicoke)
Sidelaunch Brewery – Belgian Hat Trick, Belgian Tripel (Collingwood)
Black Oak Brewery – Break of Dawn, APA (Etobicoke)
Collective Arts Brewing – Subterranean Session IPA (Hamilton)
Royal City Brewing – Gordon Hill Heffeweizen & Smoked Honey Ale (Guelph)



Screenshot 2014-10-04 11.48.58BEVY 0008 @ Food & Liquor w/ dumplings from Food & Liquor
Northwinds Brewery – Nosey Parker Porter & Mes Amis Belgian Wit (Collingwood)
Junction Brewery – Black Lager (Toronto)
St. Ambroise – Apricot Wheat Ale (Toronto)
Granite Brewery – Bridez’alelah (Toronto)
Royal City Brewing – Evening Stout (Guelph)



BEVY 0009 @  Jam Factory Co. w/ pretzels and cupcakes from Tori’s Bakeshop
Bevy Brew – Vanilla Rooibos Stout – brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.
Mill St Brewery – Frambozen (Toronto)
Long Slice Brewery – Hopsta La Vista (Toronto)
Great Lakes Brewery – Pumpkin Ale (Toronto)
Amsterdam Brewery – Cruiser IPA (Toronto)
5 Paddles Brewing  – Smash Pale Ale (Whitby)



BEVY 0010 @ ARTA Gallery w/ jackfruit tacos and skewered veggies from Animal Liberation Kitchen
Bevy Brew – Spicy Pumpkin Stout – brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.
Flying Monkeys – Netherworld (Barrie)
Granite – Hopping Mad (Toronto)
Mill St. – Helles Bock (Toronto)
Nickelbrook – Wet Hop Pale Ale (Burlington)
Junction Brewery – Red Wheat Ale (Toronto)



Screenshot 2015-02-01 17.10.03BEVY 0011 @ Propeller Coffee  w/ culinary delights from Burgatory
Bevy Brew – Pink Pajamas, Penguins on the Bottom – brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.
Beau’s – Bogwater (Vankleek)
Block 3 – Night Shift (St. Jacob’s)
Kensington – Homegrown Porter (Toronto)
Royal City – Harvest Ale (Guelph)
Spearhead – India White Ale (Toronto)
St. Ambroise – Russian Imperial Stout



BEVY0012bevybrew 0012Artscape Youngplace w/ Grasshopper

Bevy Brew – Strawberry Angel BrewCake – brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Beau’s – Hoppy Pilsner (Vankleek)
Block 3 – James Brown Ale (St. Jacob’s)
Boshkung – Black Rock Dark Ale (Haliburton)
Double Trouble – French Press Vanilla Stout (Toronto)
Garden Brewers – Smoked Amber Ale (Hamilton)
St. Ambroise – Oatmeal Stout (Montreal)
Indie Ale House – Fallen Idol – Sour Blackberry Wheat (Toronto)
Muskoka Brewery – Winter Weiss CASK! on Cinnamon and Brown Sugar (Bracebridge)
Nickelbrook – Weakday Warrior (Burlington)



Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.51.57 AMBEVY0013 @  Jam Factory Co. w/ Bestia

Bevy Brew – Just the tIPA Spruce IPA – brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Black Oak – Nox Aeterna (Etobicoke)
Block 3 – Drie Hop Brett Pale Ale (St. Jacob’s)
Double Trouble – French Press Vanilla Stout (Toronto)
Garden Brewers – Smoked Amber Ale (Hamilton)
Great Lakes  – Karma Citra (Toronto)
Junction – Engineers IPA (Toronto)
Muddy York – Porter (Toronto)
Nickelbrook – Weakday Warrior (Burlington)
Oast House – Hef’s Big Wood (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Sweetgrass – Golden Ale (Toronto)
Wellington – Quick Brown Fox ESB (Guelph)



Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 12.00.05 AMBEVY0014Propeller Coffee w/Caplansky’s

Bevy Brew – Pour Sap, Maple Coffee Brown Ale – brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Beau’s – Original Gruit (Vankleek)
Black Oak 
– Nox Aeterna (Etobicoke)
Collingwood – Rockwood Pilsner (Collingwood)
Garden Brewers – Ginger IPA (Hamilton)
Great Lakes  – Karma Citra (Toronto)
Junction – Engineers IPA (Toronto)
Kensington – Fisheye PA (Toronto)
Left Field – Coffee Porter (Toronto)
Muddy York – Unearthed Amber (Toronto)
Muskoka – Twice as Mad Cask on Ginger and Grapefruit (Bracebridge)
Nickelbrook – Continental Drift (Burlington)
Oast House – Smoky Irish Red (Niagara)
Rainhard – Armed ‘n’ Citra (Toronto)
Royal City – Lemon Meringue (Guelph)



Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.20.08 AMBEVY0015 @ Indie Ale House Barrel Room w/ Urban Carnivore

Bevy Brew – Two Nuns Rolling Down a Hill, brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Block 3
– Project Orange (St. Jacob’s)
Descendants – Harbinger APA
Kensington – Hops & The Grain Merchant Rye Ale (Toronto)
Indie Ale House – Witner Toque (Toronto)
Indie Ale House – Camp Out S’more Stout (Toronto)
Indie Ale House – Instigator IPA (Toronto)
Indie Ale House – Barnyard Belgian IPA (Toronto)




BEVY0016 @ Rainhard Brewing Co. w/ Tilde Tacos

Bevy Brew – Tart Side of the Street (Citric Orange Stout) brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Barnstormer – Avro Arrow Red Maple Ale (Barrie)
Descendants – Reynard the Fox Golden Wry Ale (Toronto)
Kensington – Hops & The Grain Merchant Rye Ale (Toronto)
Left Field – Sunlight Park Saison (Toronto)
Muskoka Brewery – Detour Cask on Blood Orange (Bracebridge)
Indie Ale House – Instigator IPA (Toronto)
Rainhard Brewing – Hearts Collide Russian Imperial Stout (Toronto)
Rainhard Brewing – Lazy Bones (Toronto)
Rainhard Brewing – Hopped up Summer Ale (Toronto)



19193428976_0370de50cd_qBEVY0017 @ Monarch Tavern w/ Baju BBQ 

Bevy Brew – Wasted Away Again in Mojitoville, brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Black Oak – Break of Dawn APA (Etobicoke)
Church Key – Holy Smoke (Campbellford)
Collingwood – Saison Du Nuit (Collingwood)
Descendants – Reynard the Fox Golden Wry Ale (Toronto)
Great Lakes – Limp Puppet (Toronto)
Kensington – Hops & The Grain Merchant Rye Ale (Toronto)
Left Field – Sunlight Park Saison (Toronto)
MacKinnon – Origin Hefeweisen (Bath)
Muddy York – Diving Horse Pale Ale (Toronto)
Northwinds – Old Baldy Farmhouse Ale (Collingwood)
Indie Ale House
 – Barnyard Belgian (Toronto)
Indie Ale House – Witner Toque (Toronto)


BEVY0018bevy0018 @ Food & Liquor 

Bevy Brew – Rico Guava’s Destiny brewed by Aaron Spinney of Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Muskoka  – Moonlight Kettle Saison (Bracebridge)
Rainhard – True GritFarmhouse Ale (Toronto)
Underdog – Hoppenweisse (Oshawa)
Barley Days – Eye of the Beeramid (Picton)
Great Lakes – Limp Puppet (Toronto)
Redline Brewhouse – Clutch APA (Barrie)
Cameron’s – White Oak Savant Brown Ale (Oakville)
OCB Collaboration – Table Session Ale (Ontario)
Clifford – Pinball American Pale Ale (Hamilton)



BEVY0019bevy0019 @ Katzman Contemporary Gallery w/ Bar Ape

Bevy Brew – Summer’s Almost Tarragon by Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Muskoka  – White IPA (Bracebridge)
Barnstormer – Cirrus Session IPA (Barrie)
Beau’s – Bush Fire Rooibos (Vankleek Hill)
Collingwood – Saison (Collingwood)
Great Lakes/Bar Hop – Insane Frown Posse (Toronto)
Junction – Olympia Looping Dark Wheat (Toronto)
Lake Wilcox – Mad Quacker Lager (Richmond Hill)
Sawdust City – Kolsch (Gravenhurst)
Silversmith – Damn Buster ESB (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Whitewater – Milk Stout (Ottawa Valley)


Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.13.03 PMBevy0020 @ Jam Factory with Jester on Yonge

Bevy Brew – Jack O’Lager by Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Beau’s – Bush Fire Rooibos (Vankleek Hill)
Elora Brewing – Straw Hat Matt (Elora)
Flying Monkeys – 12 Minutes to Destiny (Barrie)
Great Lakes – Audrey Hopburn (Toronto)
Junction – Olympia Looping Dark Wheat (Toronto)
Muskoka  – Harvest Ale on Blackberries Cask (Bracebridge)
Nickelbrook – Raspberry Berliner Weiss (Burlington)
Oast House Brewers – Oost Dutch Pale Ale (Niagara)
Silversmith – Damn Buster ESB (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Toronto Beer Week – 6 Boroughs Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Porter (Toronto)



Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.11.37 PMBEVY 0021 @ Artscape Youngplace w/ KungFu Dawg

Bevy Brew – Hobgoblin Pumpkin IPA by Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Black Oak – Nutcracker Porter (Etobicoke)
Blood Brothers – Hail Saison (Toronto)
Bobcaygeon – Common Loon APA (Bobcaygeon)
Burdock Brewpub – Dark Saison (Toronto)
Innocente – Inn O’Slainte (Waterloo)
Indie Ale House – Pumpkin Abbey Sour (Toronto)
Big Rig  – Tales from the Patch Pumpkin Porter (Ottawa)
Mackinnon Brothers – Red Fox Summer Beet Ale (Bath)
Macleans – Oatmeal Stout (Grey County)
Oast House Brewers – Oost Dutch Pale Ale ((Niagara-on-the-Lake))
Muddy York – Gaslight Helles (Toronto)
Toronto Beer Week – 6 Boroughs Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Porter (Toronto)


bevy0022BEVY 0022 @ Lithuania House w/ Bunz

Bevy Brew – Nosbeeratu Black IPA with Ghost Peppers by Rainhard Brewing Co.

Black Oak – Nutcracker Porter (Etobicoke)
Block 3 Brewing – Noon on a Weekday APA (St. Jacobs)
Blood Brothers
 – Paradise Lost Kettle Sour w/ Pear (Toronto)
Burdock Brewpub – Dark Saison (Toronto)
Collingwood – Vintage Ale (Collingwood)
Descendants – Oktoberfest Lager (Kitchener)
Great Lakes  – Lake Effect (Toronto)
Kensington – Homegrown Porter (Toronto)
Mackinnon Brothers – Red Fox Summer Beet Ale (Bath)
Muskoka – Double Chocolate Raspberry Stout on Cask (Bracebridge)
Rainhard Brewing – Armed ‘N’ Citra (Toronto)
Sawdust City – Winding Road for 7km (Gravenhurst)
West Avenue Cider Co. – Acrimony Hopped Scrumpy (Toronto)


bevy0023BEVY 0023 @ Lithuania House w/ hBar

Bevy Brew – Thai PA Mango Ginger IPA by Rainhard Brewing Co.

Amsterdam – Nautilus Foreign Extra Stout (Toronto)
Black Swan – English Pale Ale (Stratford)
Block 3 Brewing – Noon on a Weekday APA (St. Jacobs)
Cheshire Valley – Mildly Amusing English Mild Ale
Collingwood – Vintage Ale (Collingwood)
Folly Brewpub – Praxis New World Saison (Toronto)
High Park Brewery  – Off the Leash IPA on Cask (Toronto)
Muskoka – Winterweiss Dunkelweizen (Bracebridge)
Revel Cidery – Hop X Hopped Cider 
Shillow Beer Co. – Bitter Waitress Black IPA (Toronto)
Steamwhistle Brewery
 – Unfiltered Pilsner (Toronto)
– Bob’s Your Dunkel, Dark German Lager (Guelph)
Sweetgrass Brewing 
– Shagbark Stout (Toronto)
Wildcard Brewing Co. 
– Blonde Barista, White Espresso Stout (Trenton)



bevy0024BEVY 0024 @Paintbox Bistro

Bevy Brew – Bachelorette’s Button – Peppercorn & Hibiscus Grisette on Cask by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.

Farm Table Pils – North German Style Pilsner
Elephant Monsoon – Peanut Butter & Grape Porter
Embittermint IPA – Mint India Pale Ale
Tyrannosaurus Gruit – Gruit Ale
Koru – Belgian Style Pale Ale
La Coeur Noir – Black IPA
Fous Allies – Mango Saison
80 Shilling – Scottish Ale
Lugtread Lagered Ale – Kolsch
KW Craft Cidery – Cranberry Cider



bevy0025BEVY 0025 @Evergreen Brickworks – Canada’s First Ladies Craft Beer Festival

Bevy Brew – Anne Bonny’s Revenge – Vanilla Coconut Porter brewed by Junction Craft Brewing & The SOBDL

Amsterdam Brewery
Black Oak Brewery
Blood Brothers Brewing
Burdock Brewpub
Folly Brewpub
Great Lakes Brewery
Henderson Brewing
High Park Brewery
Junction Craft Brewery
Kensington Brewery
KW Craft Cider
Muddy York Brewing Co.
Rainhard Brewing Co.
Revel Cider
Rhythm & Brews
Sweetgrass Brewing
Woodhouse Brewing

Artisan Market Vendors

Canadian Women’s Foundation
Craft Jams
The Custom Tea Company
David Ort
Malty Hoppy Delicacy
Toronto Brewing

Big thanks to Ontario Craft BrewersKIND SnacksWoodhouse Brewing Co.Zenan Glassware and Toronto Roller Derby for their generous donations.



Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 10.31.54 PMBEVY 0026 @ Paintbox Bistro

Barnstormer – Avro Arrow Maple Red Ale (Barrie)
Bell City Brewing – Brewed Awakening Black Coffee IPA
Black Oak Brewing – Beat the Heat Belgian Wheat
Collective Arts – Project Gose
The Granite – Summer Ale on Cask
High Park Brewery – Off the Leash IPA on Cask
Kensington Brewery – Coffee Shop Cold Brew Porter
Muddy York Brewing Co. – Muddy Beagle ESB Cask
Muskoka Brewery – Legendary Oddity Belgian Tripel
Pitschfork Brewing Co – German Pilsner
Revel Cider – Lucy’s Lucid Dream Citra Hopped Cider



Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 6.48.32 PMBEVY 0027 @Henderson Brewing

Bevy Brew – Alex Wheatlow – brewed by Great Lakes Brewery VS  Gose Gone Wild by Niagara College

Barnstormer – Avro Arrow Maple Red Ale (Barrie)
Big Rig – Orange Peel Session Ale (Ottawa)
Brimstone – Hail Mary APA (Ridgeway)
Collective Arts – Project Hefeweizen (Hamilton)
Collingwood Brewery – 1854 Anniversary Lager (Collingwood)
Double Trouble – Grow a Pear Cider (Toronto)
Henderson – Henderson’s Best ESB (Toronto)
Henderson – Henderson’s Best ESB w/ Figs on cask! (Toronto)
Muskoka Brewery – Cool as a Cuke Lemongrass APA (Bracebridge)
Pitchfork Brewing Co
 – German Pilsner (Toronto)


27602618466_0282696409_kBEVY 0028 @Yonge & Dundas Square – SESSION TORONTO CRAFT BEER FEST

Amsterdam (Toronto)
Beau’s – (Vankleek)
Big Rig (Ottawa)
Big Rock Brewery – (Calgary)
Black Oak – (Etobicoke)
Boshkung  (Haliburton)
Central City (Vancouver)
Elora Brewing – (Elora)
High Park Brewery – (Toronto)
Flying Monkeys
 – (Barrie)
Longslice Brewery – (Toronto)
Muskoka Brewery – Voted Best Collab! (Bracebridge)
New Ontario Brewing – (North Bay)
Nickelbrook (Burlington)
Oast House (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Pommies Cider – (Caledon)
Redline Brewhouse – (Barrie)
Sawdust City – Voted Favourite Brewery of the Fest! (Gravenhurst)
Sextant Craft Brewery – (Toronto)
Sidelaunch Brewery – (Collingwood)
Stack Brewing – (Sudbury)
Steam Whistle Brewing (Toronto)
Waterloo Brewing Co.  (Waterloo)
Whitewater – (Ottawa)



29428076393_027816ab23_kBEVY 0029 @Lithuania House w/ KungFu Dawg

Bevy Brew – Camstormer Tropical Saison – brewed by Barnstormer  (Barrie)
–  Ginger Wolf Hoppenweisse (Vankleek)
Collective Arts – Local Press Cider (Hamilton)
Collingwood – Vintage Ale (Collingwood)
Danforth Brewery – Viaduct IPA (Toronto)
Descendants – Litha Kolsch (Kitchener)
Great Lakes  – Saison DuPump Belgian Pumpkin (Toronto)
Henderson –  Berliner Weisse (Toronto)
High Park Brewery – Off the Leash IPA *Cask (Toronto)
High Park Brewery – Across the Pond English Ale *Cask (Toronto)
Muskoka Brewery – Cross Border Citrus Porter (Bracebridge)
RJ Brasseurs – Death Valley (Montreal)
Royal City – Autumn Ale (Guelph)
Stonehammer – Andrew’s 2nd Wish (Guelph)



BEVY 0030 – All Ladies Beer Festival II @Wychwood Barns 

Beau’s  (Vankleek)
Collective Arts  (Hamilton)
Cowbell Brewing (Blyth)
Descendants (Kitchener)
Elora Brewing (Elora)
Great Lakes  (Toronto)
Henderson (Toronto)
Mackinnon Bros. (Bath)
Muddy York (Toronto)
Muskoka Brewery (Bracebridge)
Nickelbrook (Burlington)
Pitschfork Brewing Co (Toronto)
Royal City (Guelph)
Sweetgrass Brewing (Toronto)
Wellington (Guelph)




BEVY 0031 -The Birthday Bevy at Macedonia Cathedral

Bevy Brew – Calamite Earl Grey Pale Stout – brewed by Jen Reinhardt at Great Lakes  (Toronto)
St. Ambroise – Vintage Ale, Session IPA, Scotch Ale, Russian Imperial Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Oak-Aged Pale Ale, IIPA, Cream Ale
RJ Brasseurs – Belle Guelle Hefeweisen, Death Valley Belgian IIPA, Cheval Blanc Belgian Wheat, Coup De Grisou Buckwheat Ale
Collective Arts – Pear Saison Cider
Duxbury Cider – Tilted Barn Dry Hopped Cider



BEVY 0032 was our 3rd All Ladies Beer Festival!
The festival took place at Evergreen Brickworks and featured food from Relish, Food & Liquor, Chau, The Wren and Kung-Fu Dawg. 18 Ontario Craft breweries came out to wet our whistles and over 1200 ladies joined in on the festivities.  Check out the full list of  sponsors.


Collective Arts – Hamilton
Great Lakes Brewery  – Etobicoke
Muskoka Brewery – Bracebridge
Nickelbrook – Burlington
Barnstormer  – Barrie
Beau’s – Vankleek Hill
Folly Brewpub – Toronto
Sidelaunch Brewery – Collingwood
Henderson Brewing – Toronto
Redline Brewhouse  – Barrie
Royal City – Guelph
Mackinnon Brothers – Bath
Sweetgrass – Toronto
Wellington – Guelph
Woodhouse Brewing – Toronto

Battle of the Bevy Brews
High Park Brewery – Smoky Ale on Cask **WINNER!
Black Oak – Love Fuzz on Blackberries
Big Rig – Baltic Buzz
Junction Brewery – Eye of the Chaiger

Cider Haus
Duxbury Cider – Tilted Barn Dry Hopped Cider
Collective Arts  – Crabapple Cider
Ernest Cidery – Ginger Lemongrass Cider
KW Craft Cider – Vanilla Cream Cider
Pommies Cider – Farmhouse Ale
Revel Cidery – Spirit of the Woods
Vam’s Kombucha


Bevy 0033 at Lithuanian House Ballroom w/  Kung-Fu Dawg 

Big Rock Brewery
Charlevoix Microbrasserie
Kona Brewing Co.
La Trappe
Lake of the Woods
New Holland Brewing Co.
Steamworks Brewery



Summer Lady Beer Fest 2017 at Henderson Brewery

Summer Lady Beer Fest was our 1st outdoor Summer festival! 

Beau’s (Vankleek Hill)
Great Lakes Brewery (Etobicoke)
The Granite (Toronto)
Henderson (Toronto)
Lost Craft 
Muskoka Brewery
Oast House (Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Rorschach Brewing Co. (Toronto)
Sawdust City (Gravenhurst)
Sweetgrass Brewing (Toronto)
Woodhouse Brewing  (Toronto)



Bevy 0035 at Macedonian Cathedral with Gusto 54

Bevy 0035 was a Funk and Sour tap takeover with Nickel Brook Brewery!



Lady Beer Fest at Peace & Cotton

Bevy 0036 was our 5th Lady Beer Fest. We had a battle of the bevy brew between Rainhard Brewery and Second Wedge. So many breweries, delicious food and lovely ladies. 



Bevy 0037 at Junction Brewery

Bevy 0037 was our 4th birthday! Junction brewery hosted us in their beautiful new space before it even opened. We raised $15K for Canadian Women’s Fdn in 2017. 



Bevy 0038 at Macedonia Cathedral

Bevy 0038 was a takeover from Oast House and Haliburton Highlands Brewing!



Ottawa Bevy 0001 at AllSaints

We headed to the Nation’s Capital on April 14th 2018 to a packed house at the All Saints Event Space! 11 breweries, 8 Women Artisan vendors and food by CRAFT. We can’t wait to come back!