How do I join and buy a ticket?

Joining our Mailing List (do it! It takes 30 seconds!) and follow us on Social Media to learn when tickets to our upcoming events go on sale.  Our events sell out quickly (woot!) So after that, best bet to nab tickets is on our Facebook or Twitter. Note: we cannot be responsible for fraudulent tickets so buyer beware. Also note: we have never sold tickets at the door, so do not come expecting to get in! If you are still desperately to attend, you can always e-mail jen@ladiesdrinkbeer.com. It may just be that she needs a last minute volunbeer! For a list of upcoming events and ticket links, visit our ticket page.

What is a VIBDL Premium Pass?

For the festivals, we have launched a premium or VERY IMPORTANT BEER DRINKING LADY pass. This costs more but the perks are pretty sweet. There are limited VIBDL passes available and could include add-on’s like: special glassware, larger beer pours, early access to the fest, skip the line privledges, free swag, more beer tokens, etc.

Tickets online are sold out. Will there be tickets at the door?

Sorry, nope. Your best bet for snagging last minute tickets is to check out our Facebook page, the Facebook Event Page or our Twitter. Please use caution when buying 3rd party tickets! We are not responsible for fraudulent tickets.

I don’t have beer drinking friends. Does it make sense to go alone?

Totally. Yes. 100%! We get this question a lot. Honestly, we kinda made the SOBDL to meet new people and make new friends. It can be hard to do that sometimes, ya know? We strive to make our events, safe, relaxed and supportive. There have been countless women who have said over the 3 years that they came out solo because they were new to Toronto or had just gone through a break-up or had no other beer-drinking lady friends. And now they have a ton of friends due to the SOBDL and are regular attendees. We love that! And we want you to tell us if you ever feel like we aren’t fostering good vibes at our events.

How do your events work?

For the first couple years, we had a BEVY each month on the last Friday of every month. We have since evolved into doing bi-monthly events, alternating between BEVIES and FESTIVALS with constantly changing venues. Although there are many differences between bevies and fests, from both you can expect: our swag shop set-up, a rockin’ good time with incredible people, a portion of your ticket sale going directly to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, your Loyalty Card stamped and a Morning After bag on your way out.

What is a ‘bevy’?

A Bevy is the name we give our events. With bevies, we keep the location secret until 48 hours before. Ticket holders receive an e-mail letting them know the location. And then the day of the bevy, we reveal the location publicly on our social media channels. This is because we allow anyone to come hang out PWYC at midnight, including dudes. For these events, we have 1-2 food vendors, great tunes, awesome craft beer & cider flowing (poured by our volunbeer army) and our swag shop set-up. We serve 14oz full beers or 5oz sample brews. It is a fun party and a great way to chill out and meet new people. There are no nametags, no icebreaker games and we despise the word ‘networking.’ Bring a bunch of friends or come solo, we don’t bite and are a welcoming crew. The energy in the room is really fantastic.

How are your Bevies different from your Festivals?

For the first couple years, we had a BEVY each month on the last Friday of every month. We have since evolved into doing bi-monthly events, alternating between BEVIES and FESTIVALS with constantly changing venues. Although there are many differences between bevies and fests, from both you can expect: our swag shop set-up, a rockin’ good time with incredible people, a portion of your ticket sale going directly to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, your Loyalty Card stamped and a Morning After bag on your way out

With the festivals, we tell you upfront where it will be as it is too hard to keep an event of this magnitude a secret! No dudes allowed for this one. It is a much larger scale event: 12-18 breweries come and set-up their booths, 3-5 food vendors dish out grub and we have started a Women’s Makers Market component as well featuring local lady businesses. We do 5oz pours using beer tickets and treat it like a sampling event.

What kind of beer do you serve?

All independent craft beer. No excuses. Although it is mostly all Ontario craft beer, sometimes we feature craft beer from other parts of the world. If you’d like to see your beer on tap, send us a message

Do you offer gluten-free or non-beer options?

We do! There is always at least one craft cider option available at our Bevies. We also carry a non-alcoholic option (kombucha, ginger beer, etc)., for our preggers pals, those DD’ing (yay to not drinking & driving!) and people taking a break from the booze.

What is Bevy Brew?

These are special limited ‘one-off’ beers created by various breweries. For our bevies, a brewery whips us up something interesting and unique. It is first come, first serve and is often the first beer people grab, as they know it will sell out quick! For the festivals, we have started a Battle of the Bevy Brew, where multiple breweries duke it out with one-off beers. We have an on-line voting component and we pick a winner around 11pm!

What kind of food will be available?

We always recruit a variety of tasty treats and obviously dishes that go well with beer! There will always be a vegetarian and often a vegan dish too!

Where are bevies held?

The venues are constantly changing. We always make sure our events take place in safe parts of the city that are TTC friendly.

What if I don’t live in Toronto?

Come anyway! We’ve had ladies come all the way from Buffalo and other corners of the province! Crash at a friend’s place! Take the GO train! Grab a cheap hotel or AirBnB! Make. It. Happen.

What can I expect at a bevy?

Expect to have fun, make friends and drink delicious beer. Each bevy is different. Some turn into a giant dance party and others have a  more chill vibe. Check out this video to get an idea of what a bevy is all about!

What is an SOBDL Loyalty Card all about?

Flash your card to the friendly welcome desk volunbeer gals when you arrive so they can stamp your card. If you are new to our events or lost your card, request one. They are good for both our bevies and festival and do not expire. When you hit the 6 or 12 mark on your card, notify the peeps at the welcome table! We will give you a shout out and a prize at the event. Note: prizes subject to change month-to-month.

What is a “Morning After Gift Bag”?

After the event is over and you are heading out, make sure to snag a Morning After bag from the gals at the exit. It is constantly changing but always filled with awesome things (many of them tasty) to cure what ails ya the ‘Morning After’ our event. If you have a business and would like to include an item, gift card, coupon, info card., etc into our bags, connect with us at info@ladiesdrinkbeer.com.

How many ladies attend your events?

When our first Bevy sold out in a couple days, we knew we were on to something. Since then, our bevies have ballooned from 90 to about 400. To meet the demand, we have started throwing beer festivals with a bigger attendance. For our first festival, we sold out in a couple days with 750 ladies coming out. Our third festival grew to over 1100 and our fourth upcoming festival July 8th, we will be opening it up to over 1600 women over 2 sessions!

Is the bevy trans positive and inclusive?

Since we started, we have always believed our events to be a welcoming and safe space. We are trans, queer and non-binary friendly. We welcome you! With all sorts of ages, ethnicities, identities and sizes, our events foster a pretty cool vibe unlike any other festival. We take this seriously and would love for you to reach out with any questions or concerns.

I can’t attend, can I use my ticket at the next bevy?

Sorry, nope. Bevy tickets are non-refundable and only valid for the bevy you bought them for. But, they are transferrable to other beer lovin’ ladies! To sell your ticket, make sure to post it on our Facebook & Twitter pages! You’ll likely get some bites.

When will I know details for the Bevy?

Two days before the bevy, ticket holders receive an email with all the details of where the bevy is taking place, how to get there, what to bring and any other essential info. Be sure to check your junk mail and email us if you didn’t receive the email.

What should I wear to a bevy?

Casual, dressy, pajamas, formal….it totally doesn’t matter! Sometimes Jaime wears jeans, Erica wears yoga pants and Jen wears a dress. You do you.

Where can I find the photos taken of me at the Bevy?

We post them all on our Flickr page a few days after the Bevy. Watch our social media to know when they’ve been posted. By entering the SOBDL event space, you consent to your voice, name and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in photos and videos for use in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, for all time, and you release SOCIETY OF BEER DRINKING LADIES and its partners, agencies from any liability whatsoever of any nature.

How long has the Society been around?

We met up in November 2013 and officially launched with Bevy 001 in January 2014. It has been quite the ride ever since!

How do I become a volunBEER?

Volunbeering is cool! You simply ‘work’ a couple hours (lots of positions to choose from) and in exchange you get a ticket and the perks that come with a ticket. It is a great way to meet new people, be a part of the action and meet new gals. Right before tickets go on sale to one of our events, we do a shout out on our social media. Fill out an application and Jen will get back to you shortly.

What’s this about donations to the Canadian Women’s Foundation?

Since the beginning, we wanted to partner with a national women’s organization that does great work for women and girls across the country. The CWF seemed like a logical choice and we have proudly supported them ever since. 10% of our Eventbrite ticket sales from every event go directly to the CWF, as well as 100% of the change and bills you toss into the donation buckets and tip jars spread out around the room. In 2016, we (with your help) donated $10,000! As we like to say, “we’re drinkin’ for a cause, ladies!”

Where else can I find the SOBDL?

We also like to pop-up at other amazing events throughout the year – join our Mailing List and follow us on social media to learn more about the beer dinners, tap takeovers and swag booths we will have going around the Toronto area! 

Where can I buy SOBDL swag?

Our branded merch is available at every event that we run and our fabulous merch shop volunbeers will be happy to help you out! Cash, credit, and sometimes even debit, are available. You can also grab merch when you buy your ticket online through Eventbrite and we can have it ready for you to pick-up at the event. Shop Online! Shipping is fast and we ship internationally. We also pop up our swag shop at some of the great festivals around the city. Follow us on social media to find out the latest.

Where do I pick up my merch purchase?

If you bought merch with your ticket on Eventbrite, we will have your purchase waiting for you at our Swag Shop the day of the event.

Can I use debit or credit the night of the bevy?

The bars at our Bevies are cash only, yes. BUT you can head to our swag shop and buy beer tickets using credit. As we are always switching up our event venues, sometimes ATM’s are available and sometimes not. Long story short: bring cash (and not $20’s & 50’s….we LOVE YOUR CHANGE!) And our featured food vendors typically only accept cash.

What is a ‘bevucation’?

A ‘Bevucation’ is generally much more intimate than a Bevy. There’s a focus on beer education, whether it be a home-brewing lesson, a brewery visit or a special excursion to some place beertastic. Bevucations don’t replace our bevies and are held sporadically.

I would love to start a chapter! Will you be expanding to other cities?

If we had a dollar for everytime we were asked to expand the SOBDL to different cities….I mean, it’s flattering and we THANK YOU for loving what we do, BUT for now, we are doing the Toronto thing. Stay tuned though as we are always scheming (muah-ha-ha)

How do I set up an interview with the SOBDL?

Sounds great! Connect with us by e-mailing info@ladiesdrinkbeer.com

How do I reach out directly to the organizers?

We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, feedbacks, beer recommendations, etc. Get in touch.


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