What is a ‘bevy’?

A bevy is the name we gave our events. Each ‘bevy’ is named in sequence. i.e.: bevy 0006, bevy 0007. For the fun dictionary definition, see here.

What is Bevy Brew?

Bevy Brew is a special beer brewed JUST for the SOBDL! It’s tapped JUST for the Bevy. Never to be tasted again. The only way to taste a Bevy Brew is to come to the Bevy!

How do I buy a ticket?

Visit our ticket page and check us out on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram for ticket sale updates. Join our mailing list to get first dibs on tickets and other sweet craft beer deals.

When do you hold your events?

Bevies are held in Toronto on the last Friday of the month.

Where are bevies held?

Each month, the bevy is in a new secret location. Ticket holders will be notified by email two days before the bevy with details on the secret location. All of our Bevies take place in Toronto and are TTC-friendly.

What can I expect at a bevy?

Expect to have fun, make friends and drink delicious beer. Each bevy is different. Some turn into a giant dance party and others have a  more chill vibe. Check out this video to get an idea of what a bevy is all about!

How many ladies attend your events?

Attendance ranges from a more intimate crowd of 50 to a big bash with 200 ladies and most recently; festivals with over 800 ladies in attendance.

Is the bevy trans positive and inclusive?

If you identify as a woman, then you are welcome at the bevy! We also welcome non-gender binary folks.

I can’t attend, can I use my ticket at the next bevy?

Bevy tickets are non-refundable and only valid for the bevy you bought them for. But, they are transferrable to other beer lovin’ ladies! And, they’re a hot commodity, so give it to a friend or sell it on our Facebook page.

When will I know details for the Bevy?

Two days before the bevy, ticket holders receive an email with all the details of where the bevy is taking place, how to get there, what to bring and any other essential info. Be sure to check your junk mail and email us if you didn’t receive the email.

What kind of beer do you serve?

The SOBDL proudly supports craft beer that is locally brewed and always delicious. We strive to bring our ladies new and exciting brews with every pull of the tap.

What should I wear to a bevy?

We don’t do dress codes! Be comfortable, dress up, it’s up to you.

Can I volunteer at a bevy?

Yes! Be a volunbeer for the SOBDL! Every month we are looking for ladies to help out for a couple hours in exchange for admission to a bevy. Smart serve and bartending experience is a bonus but not necessary. Fill out this form to apply. An SOBDL crew member will get back to you shortly.

What if I don’t live in Toronto?

We are working on opening new chapters around the province and country! In the meantime…Come anyway! Crash at a friend’s place! Take the GO train! Grab a cheap hotel! Make. It. Happen.

Where can I buy SOBDL glassware & apparel?

We sell all our merchandise the night of the bevy. But, if you can’t attend, don’t despair! Visit our Etsy shop and we’ll ship directly to your home. Or check us out at one our upcoming pop up shops!

Where do I pick up my merch purchase?

Any merchandise purchased with your ticket will be available for pick-up at the bevy.

Can I use debit or credit the night of the bevy?

We accept Debit, VISA & MasterCard at the Bevy. Debit is dependant on internet connections and other fun technology issues. Cash, of course, is always accepted.

What is a ‘bevucation’?

A ‘Bevucation’ is generally much more intimate than a Bevy. There’s a focus on beer education, whether it be a home-brewing lesson, a brewery visit or a special excursion to some place beertastic. Bevucations don’t replace our bevies and are held only a few times a year.

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