Meet the Ladies




Jaime –  Cupcake baker extrodinaire, graphic whiz and amateur hacker. Trainer and lover of dogs. Most enjoyed beer styles: sours and west coast pale ales.


Erica – Beer sommelier-in-training. Canning & preserving guru. Most enjoyed beer styles: brown ales and stouts.


Jen – Homebrewer Extrodinaire. Travel loving, former indie rock DJ.  Prud’homme Beer Certified. Loves Porters, IPAs and experimental one offs.




Magenta Suzanne is a co-founder of the SOBDL and was the official mouthpiece for the group until February 2017. She has embarked on two of her passions, clinical hypnosis and stand up comedy, (with the sincere hope that only one of those endeavors causes people to feel sleepy).


Ren Navarro is a co-founder of the SOBDL and from January 2014 – April 2017 was a co-organizer and official photographer of the SOBDL bevies. She loves tattoos, cats and beer. Ren also spends time talking about craft beer’s diversity issues. In her spare time she’s an aspiring hand model.

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