What is a ‘bevy’?

A Bevy is the name we give our events. With bevies, we keep the location secret until 48 hours before. Ticket holders receive an e-mail letting them know the location. And then the day of the bevy, we reveal the location publicly on our social media channels. This is because we allow anyone to come hang out PWYC at midnight, including dudes. For these events, we have 1-2 food vendors, great tunes, awesome craft beer & cider flowing (poured by our volunbeer army) and our swag shop set-up. We serve 14oz full beers or 5oz sample brews. It is a fun party and a great way to chill out and meet new people. There are no nametags, no icebreaker games and we despise the word ‘networking.’ Bring a bunch of friends or come solo, we don’t bite and are a welcoming crew. The energy in the room is really fantastic.

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